This was no April Fools joke. The numbers at the pumps are no laughing matter.

April 2, 2024

The federal government has increased the carbon tax to $80 per tonne; squeezing every last dollar out of the wallets of everyday Canadians as it drives the cost-of-living through the roof.

Despite our efforts on the opposition benches, Canadians will continue to suffer through high taxes and high costs so long as the costly coalition remains in power.

We are listening to all Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast, and our team is dedicated to continuing our efforts to axe the tax on all goods to bring home lower prices, and to put a stop to perpetual inflationary spending.

Watch and listen as my guest, Greg McLean, and I dive deeper into the numbers of this massive tax increase, how the carbon tax will continue effect industries across the country, and much more.

The Blueprint: Trudeau’s Budget with Jasraj Singh

April 11, 2023

After 8 years of the Liberal failed government, Canadians are left with higher taxes higher deficits and less money in their bank account at the end of the day. Jasraj Singh joins us this week to discuss the latest Liberal budget.

Join host and Member of Parliament Jamie Schmale for a look at the hottest topics hitting Canada’s political landscape, and how they might impact Canadians.