In Canada, we owe the world to our men and women in uniform.

February 21, 2024

After sacrificing their lives, and after serving our country with tenacity and strength, the way the Trudeau Liberals have dealt with ongoing issues happening at Veterans Affairs Canada is nothing short of a tragedy. Where is the common-sense? Watch and listen as my guest, Blake Richards, and I talk about the challenges Canada’s Veterans face on a daily basis, the overarching presence of MAiD, the broken benefits system, and much more.

Remembering all of the veterans

November 9, 2022

Remembering all of the veterans who have served in Canada’s armed forces with MP James Bezan in a conversation on the status of our military today! To everyone who is currently serving or has served in our military our deepest thank you.

Join host and Member of Parliament Jamie Schmale for a look at the hottest topics hitting Canada’s political landscape, and how they might impact Canadians.