Trudeau’s Unethical Behaviour

March 26, 2021

Time and again, this Prime Minister has shown he will enrich his wealthy friends and fire those who stand up to him, often at the expense of Canadians. Even when his backroom dealings do come to light, his instinct has consistently been to cover-up, obfuscate, or prorogue. Canadians deserve better. While we pass the one-year milestone into this pandemic, the idea of decency and accountability continues to confuse Justin Trudeau and his government. To discuss more about our Prime Minister’s unethical track record, we are joined by Michael Barrett, Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, and Shadow Minister for Ethics.

Join host and Member of Parliament Jamie Schmale for a look at the hottest topics hitting Canada’s political landscape, and how they might impact Canadians.